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All in One Sports VR Game Review- Arcade Sports Action with Friends


 Adam Braunstein


April 7, 2021


Way back in the day, we had a little thing called the Nintendo Wii. This strange console from the original videogame masters introduced the world to motion controls in your home for the first time. One of the shining examples of the Wii was Wii Sports. It had a bunch of sports that were playable with friends in your living room and suddenly, it became one of the hottest party games around and it became a huge sensation. VR has always seemed the most logical progression from the Wii and yet, we haven’t seen a Wii Sports-Esque title to hit VR yet. That all changes now with All in One Sports VR. It gives us everything Wii Sports was in a slick VR package that isn’t getting nearly the amount of attention it deserves. Let’s dive into one of the most surprising titles of the year.

The Basics


All in One Sports VR gives you a ton of choices of sports to play right from the get-go. From the main menu, you can access baseball, basketball, bowling, ping pong, badminton, darts, and boxing. Each one of these games has different levels you can progress to in a sort of mini-campaign mode where each level gets progressively more difficult. Some of the game modes have online functionality, though I was unable to test this out properly because of the somewhat small playerbase available at the moment. Each mode gives you a small tutorial as it starts in case the mechanics aren’t as straightforward as they seem. The sports are reflected incredibly accurately for the most part and this feels like the building blocks of something special considering it’s still an Early Access Title

What it Feels Like to Play


While all the sports differ greatly in how they feel, overall, this is one of the most entertaining sports experiences in VR. Each sport is represented as faithfully as possible and although realism is left at the door for most of the experiences, they are all very easily accessible. Every sport available here is fun to play, though the actual practicality of some of them is lost in its translation to VR.

For example. Basketball just does not work that well in VR. I’ve seen multiple attempts and not one of them has managed to give the feeling of actually shooting the basketball. Elsewhere though, baseball is fantastic here and it feels like the most fleshed-out sport presented here by far. You’re able to choose from 4 different pitches, including a super pitch that’s basically unhittable and the throwing accuracy is incredibly on point, shaming pretty much every other baseball experience I’ve played. The batting is pretty ridiculous as you pretty much need to make contact to blast the ball out of the yard, but it’s actually tough at times to make that contact, and trying to time your swing with a wicked slider is something we haven’t seen in VR to this point. The only disappointing part is there is currently no online play available for baseball, which feels strange when it’s by far the best sports experience on offer. Boxing actually gives you an experience much like BOXVR rather than The Thrill of the Fight which is pretty disappointing because you would expect something more along the lines of The Thrill of the Fight. Bowling feels just like Wii Sports used to, which is to say it’s smooth, and twisting your hand while shooting actually adds spin as it would if you were actually playing. Ping Pong deserves a mention as well because it’s easily the most realistic feeling of all the sports, with some absolutely amazing ball physics at play to make it feel almost identical to playing ping pong in real life. Badminton is great as well and it feels like the best sports to translate to VR are the ones that don’t require a feeling of weight leaving your hand.

What Will Keep You Playing

The multiplayer aspect is easily the most intriguing part of All in One Sports. Being able to play against friends anywhere in the world right now is such an amazing thing and while you’re getting the direct translation in VR, especially with sports that involve teams, it’s still an awesome time. The attention to detail is huge here and developer Appnori. Inc shows that they aren’t just throwing the game together for a cash grab, it’s a legitimate experience that has hours of fun for you and some friends to experience. The only thing I wish it did differently was the difficulty levels, as there’s no way to go up if you’ve mastered the hardest difficulty level. All in One Sports VR delivers a ton of sports options though and it’s likely you’ll find something here to keep coming back to.


Depending on the sport you’re choosing to play, you may need to just stand in place while playing, or you may need around a 5×5 space to navigate. Pitching in baseball for instance, is incredibly hard to do if you’re not taking a full pitcher’s stride. It’s immersive, but also necessary which feels great to do.

elvetica Light는 폭이 좁아 길어보이는 글꼴로 가독성이 좋아 대부분의 사이트에 어울립니다.


 " VR運動之王是他?

VIVE X夥伴Appnori三招打遍天下敵手! 

在第二屆的Vive X夥伴團隊中,有一家非常特別的韓國VR內容夥伴,Appnori專注於打造最令人印象深刻的VR運動遊戲,而他們簡單而紮實的內容產品策略,也讓他們相當有信心在VR茁壯發展之際,成為問鼎VR運動體驗之王的強者之一!他們準備在兩三年間將現有產品線廣闊延伸至多達25款運動體驗,成為VR運動界的代名詞!

Super immersive – 那就是把握HTC Vive等高階VR產品的優勢,巧妙的透過環境設計與氣氛的營造,讓體驗者、球迷、甚至是球員本身,都能夠在不費工夫的情況下逐漸融入其中,自在地跳脫現實空間限制,融入到能夠盡情運動的情境之中。可以看到影片中的Lamigo小胖都不覺地盛讚棒球場地的設計

Super physics – 運動顧名思義就是有動,不管是人動、球動、還是球拍動,必須要跟現實生活中的物理反應相似相符才有意義。透過Appnori對運動動態的仔細研究,Appnori的VR體驗中都加入獨家的運動與物理演算機制,不只能讓球迷弟弟玩得開心,更讓Lamigo球員體驗得盡興!

Super easy – 最後一點也是副總裁Sean強調的重點之一,Appnori的VR體驗都非常簡單。容易上手是關鍵,免除不必要的挫折感是重點,不只是拿起來就能玩,玩起來更不用處處擔心出錯,隨著直覺去遊玩,隨著清楚明瞭的畫面感受去進行,這就是Appnori的遊戲從小至小孩,專業至球星都能放心享受的根本原因!


擁有了印象鮮明,品質獨到的VR運動體驗後,Appnori更抓準了能夠積極搶佔全球觀眾的行銷策略。除了與橫跨超過40國的IESF國際電子競技聯盟合作,更積極地與如Lamigo Monkeys等知名精英運動家隊伍聯名與合作曝光,國際上他們也正在與國際知名的拳擊手Manny Pacquiao進行內容合作,除了希望能將他放入Appnori的VR拳擊教學之中,更希望未來能有更多結合實體與虛擬的大膽合作可能性!

「我們希望能邀請全球VR拳擊遊戲前十強,來場現實世界的真實對打,並由Manny Pacquiao來當裁判!」Sean興奮且語帶認真的提到。必須說,在VR運動體驗逐漸百家爭鳴的現在,Appnori不只是帶來了相當獨樹一格的VR運動體驗系列,更擁有令人耳目一新的全新玩法!讓我們一同拭目以待吧!

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