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'All-In-One Sports' Offers An Amazing Collection Of 11 VR-Exclusive Games & Activities On STEAM & Oculus

The Ultimate Collection Of Sports Games Has Arrived!

San Francisco, CA, August 23rd 2021: Indie game developer and publisher APPNORI is proud to announce the worldwide release of All-In-One Sports VR, a compelling and comprehensive collection of VR sports games covering all popular activities. APPNORI has specialized in developing realistic and dynamic sports content and has previously received investment from HTC Vive & Gameevil Inc. All-In-One Sports VR is available today as an Early Access collection of games via STEAM™ & Oculus®.

Game Trailer:

All-In-One Sports VR includes Archery, Billiard, Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, Bowling, Boxing, Dart, Tennis, Golf and Ping Pong! You can customize and tailor your player avatar, choose your game of choice and start a single-player game or compete in a multi-play session against your family and friends! The extensive collection contains something for everyone, and each game is carefully produced for the most enjoyable gameplay experience. All the games support multi-play, except Boxing, Baseball and Ping Pong that are single player during Early Access. All games incorporate realistic virtual sports supported by advanced physics. There are 5 levels of difficulty catering to all levels of experience, and all games follow the Olympic guidelines, allowing you to train and learn the rules as you play. Master each game in a single-player session and beat your opponent in multi-play when you are ready!

All-In-One Sports VR is a fun collection of the most popular sports activities, and is suitable to VR players of all age groups seeking a fun and competitive challenge against your friends and family.



  • 11 popular sports activities

  • Player customization

  • Realistic VR gameplay and physics

  • Intuitive controls and interface

  • 5 difficulty levels

All-In-One Sports VR is available from here:

Oculus (App Lab)

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