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"All-In-One Summer Sports VR - perfect game to relax and exercise without stress, while also having fun and casual experience."

Collection Of Summer Sports Has Arrived!

Huge selection of sports for a summer season, the game offers an awesome amount of relatable mini-games.

10 Summer Sports in Just 1 Game! Embark on the ultimate summer adventure. Experience the thrill of various sports on our breathtaking tropical island. More than a game, it's your personal summer paradise, your ticket to a sports-filled, sun-soaked virtual vacation.


■ Various summer sports on the island( 10 sports in 1 )
- Jet Ski, Brach Volleyball, Swimming, Cycling, Frisbee, Fishing, Clay shooting, Waterpolo, Gun shooting


■ Real time PvP by multiplay

■ Five players can enjoy multiplayer

■ Realistic virtual sports experiences by advanced physics


■ Player customization

■ Simple UI and easy control can help anyone to play

■ 5 different difficulties from beginner to professional

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